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Ask This Before Hiring a Financial Advisor in Illinois

Posted on July 20, 2010

The decision to hire a financial planner or advisor to help you with your money has always been a good idea, but Robb Hill wants you to ask yourself these questions before hiring a financial advisor in Illinois.

When it comes to selecting the right one for you this is where most people find themselves confused, frustrated and feeling like they’re taking a stab in the dark. After all, who has ever taught you “How to choose the right one?” It’s a tough choice for most, because you know we’re in our high school or college courses that date to just about financial planning to secure our financial well-being is, let alone how to pick the right team of professionals to help you out! People are scared and nervous, wondering things like; how do I know this person is any good? What should I look for? What kinds of questions should I ask? When should I believe their great claims, and know what’s real or not? Will this person rip me off? How much say do I have when it comes to making the best decisions with my money? Will I have all the options to weigh before being convinced to do something? Will this person continue to properly monitor and update my financial planning? And the list goes on.

Admittedly, how to choose the right person to help you out is harder than the decision to hire one in the first place. In fact, one of the biggest questions people face is how to know if they’re working in your best interest or for their best interest! This may not shock you, but there are definitely some people out there who are working for their own greedy personal gain, versus your gain. This is disgusting it and is wrong but it happens. It’s a reality we have to accept. That’s why you’ve probably heard some people like Diane Sawyer do cover stories on how to avoid getting ripped off by your financial planner or advisor. Or CNN’s news story on how to know the pro’s from the cons in the financial planning industry. Yes, these are very important things for the consumer to be aware of. However, as with most of the media and the press, they left the consumer wondering what to do that, or if to hire a financial professional at all! That is as much truth behind the fact there are good financial planners as there are bad. But the task is for the consumer to know…

How to detect the good from the bad:

First of all, YOU are the one who is ultimately responsible for your financial situation both now and down the road. YOU must take the steps necessary to assure yourself a financial portfolio that is secure and profitable. And hiring a financial professional can be very helpful in working with you to reach your money goals and Financial Security. Secondly, it’s your responsibility, if you choose to have someone help you out, to know what to look for end what to look out for when hiring one. Assuming that you like to work with a pro, instead of a “con”, you first need to know some overall general things such as: if their recommendations are for your best interest or for their own personal gain.

If they are just in the business of selling financial products to line their own pockets, instead of yours. If their credentials me a lot, or aren’t worth a penny! If their great claims about why you should hire them are true and if they can be backed up with references from others they’ve truly helped. If they are more into me, me, me, instead of you, you, you, (Hint: can typically tell by their advertising efforts-if all they’re doing is promoting themselves and their products in their fancy ads and brochures lookout!)

There are literally dozens of things you must look out for, plus a detailed list of 10 questions you must seek answers to before you hire a financial planner or advisor! That way, you can rest assured that you are in good hands! For a free copy of these detailed questions posed everything else you must know; please fill out the contact information located on the contact us page. Armed with this report, you will have the ammunition you need to make sure you deal with someone who is right for you, and that has your best interests at heart! Don’t put yourself the risk; visit www.hillenterprises1.com.

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