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Facilities Hiring for Nurses Aide Jobs in Illinois

Posted on August 17, 2010

Last week Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill designed to increase care for patients in long-term facilities, a move that will spark the hiring of nurses aide jobs in Illinois.

Before the law takes effect, nursing homes all over Illinois are starting to hire. Governor Quinn has promised funds to help these facilities hire new workers.

According to GuidetoNursingHomes.com, Illinois is working to improve nursing home care across the state, and new legislation signed last week by Governor Pat Quinn will provide a major push for these efforts.

Over the past year, Illinois has had a number of incidents at nursing homes, and they want to do everything they can to ensure that residents are safe and receiving great care.

This legislation was needed for the state, but it unfortunately comes at a bad economic time since Illinois is up against a $13 billion budget deficit.

Incoming nursing care reps will now be subjected to beefed up requirements and background checks to ensure only the most capable candidates get screened on to the next step.

All incoming nursing residents will also get psychological screening to determine the level of care that is needed.

Mentally ill patients will be discharged to other wards and programs, so that the homes can accomodate those who do not need such intensive care and no one’s safety is compromised.

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