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Firm recruits for operations jobs in Illinois

Posted on April 23, 2011

One company is recruiting for operations jobs in Illinois, according to a news release.

Any repair business has an operations staff to handle numerous tasks for the repair technicians so the technicians can focus on the repairs. Well, AAA Appliance Service Center® has had such a significant amount of growth in business; they have hired an additional person to work on operations activities. This will help support the two recent hires on the repair technician team.

In today’s transitioning economy, more people are choosing to have things they own repaired instead of replaced when there is a problem or breakdown. With this change in consumer habits, an increase in the need for qualified service technicians to send on service calls as resulted. To meet this expanding need, AAA Appliance Service Center® has been processing job applications, doing pre-employment checks, conducting interviews, and hiring to meet the needs of the service call volume as well as maintain the strong reputation of the company. This has resulted in two repair technician hires and an operations staff hire.

The new hire in the operations staff is Heather. She will begin working at AAA Appliance Service Center® on May 1, 2011. While Heather will be working primarily in accounting, she will also be learning and performing duties in service coordination, warranty client relations, and purchasing.

“It is with pride I welcome Heather to the operations staff.” said owner and CEO James Dolbeare. “She will keep things running smoothly in the home office, allowing the repair technicians to be focused on the repairs they are working on.”

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