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Illinois Government Jobs Could be Affected by Cost Saving Plan

Posted on February 18, 2009

Could a new agenda of cost-saving measures effect those with Illinois government jobs?

Gov. Pat Quinn recently announced a series of cost-saving measures in an effort to help Illinois with an expected $9 billion budget deficit for the 2009 and 2010 budget. The changes effect all state agencies and the fiscal 2009 budget immediately.

“Quick and decisive action is needed to address Illinois’ unprecedented budgetary crisis,” Quinn said in a press release. “Better financial management and increased belt-tightening are necessary as we begin to deal with this serious problem. I want everyone in Illinois to know that we are working every day to solve this budget crisis and restore the state’s fiscal health.”

The cost-saving plan includes:

  • Reduce spending – Spending will be cut by an additional 1 percent. This reduction is in addition to a previous 3-percent reduction for fiscal 2009, ending June 30, 2009, and will allow the state to address continuing revenue decline.
  • Cut travel expenses – Non-essential out-of-state travel for employees will be greatly limited. In addition, in-state travel also will be curtailed while use of teleconferencing will be increased.
  • Defer major purchases – The acquisition of equipment and other major purchases will be delayed.
  • Limit contract work – The number of existing contracts will be reduced and agencies will not enter into new contracts.
  • Restrict hiring – Vacancies for non-essential positions will not be filled.
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