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Illinois Sales Jobs Up for Grabs

Posted on July 15, 2008

Any job seeker aware of the current state of the economy may be wondering if a marketing, sales or service job is the way to go. Those looking for an Illinois sales job may take comfort in the fact that while the industry is expected to grow at a minimal rate, the projected high turnover rate will allow for many job openings in the near future.

According to the Illinois Department of Employment Security, employment in the marketing, sales and service industries are expected to grow at a slower rate than the statewide average through 2014.

The slow growth in Illinois sales jobs can mainly be accounted for by limited job growth in clothing and accessory stores, as discount department stores and super centers account for the majority of apparel sales. However, the projected high turnover rate should result in several openings.

The IDES projects those with a college degree or computer skills will be sought for managerial positions, and many jobs will be available to young workers, first-time job seekers, senior citizens and those seeking part-time work. Those looking to be cashiers, retail salespersons, stock clerks, order filers and sales representatives will find the most job openings.

Potential positions for those seeking an Illinois sales, marketing or service job include:

  • Retail salesperson with a median salary of $19,542
  • Cashiers with a median salary of $16,658
  • Stock clerks and order filers with a median salary of $19,868
  • Sales representatives with a median salary of $51,708
  • Sales managers with a median salary of $88,991
  • Marketing managers with a median salary of $87,640
  • Property, real estate and community association managers with a median salary of $52,227
  • Advertising sales agents with a median salary of $37,583
  • Floral designers with a median salary of $21,430
  • Advertising and promotions managers with a median salary of $59,156
  • Funeral directors with a median salary of $59,011

According to a United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics article by Arlene Dohm and Lynn Shniper, sales jobs and related occupations are projected to increase by 1.2 million jobs through 2016. Around 440,000 of those are expected to be in retail trade and 557,000 in retail salespersons. The number of cashiers is expected to drop by 116,000.

The BLS estimates that nationwide, the finance and insurance industry will see some of the fastest growth of sales workers as the demand for financial products rises due to individuals wanting to manage their own retirement and insurance accounts.

Retail salespersons is the only sales-related occupation expected to be a top-grower in the country, according to Dohm and Shniper.

“Population growth will generate new and expanding outlets that will need more retail salespersons,” the article states. “In addition, because these workers, who assist customers and answer their questions, are more difficult to replace by technology, they are less subject to job loss than are workers in other occupations. Finally, although it might be thought otherwise, the growing popularity of purchasing goods over the Internet is expected to have only a minimal detrimental effect on this occupation.”

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