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Illinois Technology Jobs Increase, but Slower than Usual

Posted on March 31, 2009

While most industries have continued to decline amidst the current economic recession, Illinois technology jobs have increased, though at a slower rate than usual.

Cyberstates 2009, a report from TechAmerica, found that during 2007, Illinois‘ technology industry added about 2,400 jobs, or increased by 1.2 percent, when compared to 2006. That makes Illinois the number seven state in the country for high-tech companies.

However, the increase in tech jobs is expected to slow down for 2008 and 2009 because of the economy and major layoffs at technology and communications companies.

“We anticipate a slowdown in high-tech jobs,” Marty Singer, a TechAmerica board member and chief executive officer of Bloomingdale-based PCTEL Inc. Marty Singer, said in an article by the Daily Herald. “There’s been a pretty dramatic slowdown in spending, especially in the cellular industry.”

Technology companies in Illinois have been hit harder than those in other states, particularly in the auto and financial industries. However, other companies are maintaining or adding jobs, including Zebra Technologies Corp., Univa UD, SPSS Inc. and Telular Corp.

Although tech manufacturing and communication services have decreased in employment, the state has seen growth in software and software services for four consecutive years. For instance, in 2007, tech manufacturing jobs declined by 41,600, while software and software services increased by 5 percent to 58,900 Illinois jobs.

The report also found that Illinois ranks fourth for electronic components with 12,300 jobs and communications equipment with 8,700 jobs. Illinois also has the fifth-largest concentration of technology establishments in the country. Illinois also plans to invest $2 million in training for manufacturing.

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