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WIU Helps Students Get Internships and Prepare for Illinois Jobs

Posted on October 14, 2008

Whether you’re a freshman just starting out or a senior ready to graduate, you have one thing in common: internships are important.

Western Illinois University
has recognized the need for students to obtain meaningful internships so they can go on to obtain meaningful Illinois jobs. The University has a Career Services Web site that helps students find the right internship, according to an article by the Western Courier. The site has many links to help students get started and find internships.

“Students should look for a place that gives them relative experience for their field of study and learning opportunities,” Renee Sprock, assistant director of Career Services, said in the article. “They should also think about geographical location as far as where they want to work after they graduate.”

The site also has an eRecruiting link on the homepage, which allows students to upload their resumes to the Web. The resumes are then scanned through by thousands of pre-screened employers.

“Eighty percent of students get jobs through Internet Web sites,” Sprock continued. “Students can create their resume and put it in folders for employers to view, not just in their major, but in other fields of study as well. The O-net and Career InfoNet also help students understand what is involved in the career they are considering.”

The site also offers an online career library that gives descriptions of jobs and internships, such as positives, negatives and personality matches and misses. Career Services also can assist students with cover letters and resumes and perform practice interviews.

One common misconception is that internships are only available during the summer, when many take place throughout the school year, including international internships. In addition to career services, it also is recommended that students pay attention to personal contacts, take advantage of network opportunities and join clubs and organizations in their field of study.

“Students can do multiple internships, and that a majority of employers want, more than one internship,” Sprock added in the article. “Students should look and dissect what they do; classes should be related to the job they want; research the career and job to get your curriculum going the right way.”

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