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Illinois Manufacturing Jobs Could Increase With Plan

Posted on October 21, 2008

A new plan could help create Illinois manufacturing jobs.

House Republicans recently met with the owners of Dial Machine, a manufacturing company based in Rochford, Ill., to discuss a state capital plan. As manufacturing jobs in the state have been decreasing, the plan would support small businesses and create high-paying jobs to help revitalize the area, according to an article by WREX.

“We would create between 500 and 700 thousand new jobs and these would be high paying jobs because we need to repair our bridges our roads, our schools,” Ron Wait, (R) District 69 State Rep. Incumbent, said in the article.

“They talk about a capital plan, again, we haven’t had one in 10 years,” Greg Tuite, (D) Candidate for 69th District State Rep., said in the article “They played politics with the issue over the last 10 years. If they really wanted to get one done, they could have gotten one done.”

This isn’t the first time state officials have proposed a jobs plan. Wait and Tuite are battling for the District 69 seat this November. It’s the second time the two have been on the ballot against each other. The last time Tuite lost by 1,300 votes.

According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, Illinois’s manufacturing industry employed 668,600 workers during September, down from 668,700 during August and a decrease of .5 percent from last year.

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