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Nurse aide jobs in Illinois in high demand

Posted on February 21, 2011

According to a website, nurse aide jobs in Illinois are on the rise.

Caregiverlist.com (http://www.caregiverlist.com), the nation’s only professional caregiver career center, connecting senior caregivers, certified nursing aides and home health aides with senior care companies, today announces senior caregiving jobs remain plentiful, despite a national unemployment rate of 9%.

As senior care requires a wide variety of schedules from part-time to full-time to live-in, senior care companies are constantly hiring. Caregiverlist.com assists senior care companies to keep up with their hiring needs, which often require a quick turnaround.

Caregiverlist.com CEO Julie Northcutt says “As hospital and nursing home stays have become shorter, often seniors are discharged upon short-notice, leaving senior care companies scrambling to effectively staff.” More and more care has moved to the home as Medicare does not pay for long-term nursing home care. More than 1,000 senior home care agencies have opened their doors in the last decade to keep up with senior home care demand, says Northcutt.

Senior care companies subscribe to Caregiverlist’s proprietary technology for filtering caregivers to match their job openings. As senior care facilities such as nursing homes, assisted living communities and hospitals must maintain a minimum staff of Certified Nursing Aides (C.N.A.’s) at all times and senior home care agencies must hire new caregivers weekly to keep up with staffing, they turn to Caregiverlist to find professional pre-qualified caregivers.

“Family members don’t plan for this type of care and when it comes up, they need care fast,” says Travis Slaby, president of Aris At Home, Inc., in Oak Park, Illinois.

“We are always looking for qualified caregivers to accommodate for changing schedules of current clients and staffing of new clients,” says Mr. Slaby. Aris At Home maintains an in-house training program for all new caregivers hired and subscribes to Caregiverlist.com’s hiring tools.

To assist senior care companies to hire effectively and to attract more people to the career of caregiving, Caregiverlist.com’s Career Center provides a free caregiver resume writer, online caregiver training and a job application pre-qualification form for professional caregivers to submit. Practice and sample certified nursing aide exams and a caregiver training program school directory are also available.

Companion caregiver positions only require a caring personality and some personal experience and allow anyone with the ability to pass a caregiver background check and to maintain a regular schedule to begin a caregiving career.

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