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Radioshack partners with company to fill sales jobs in Illinois

Posted on February 26, 2011

Radioshack and PeopleAnswers are joining forces to plug sales jobs in Illinois.

PeopleAnswers now has a software licensing agreement with RadioShack Corp., expanding the retailer´s use of the PeopleAnswers talent assessment software : for all positions in nearly 5,800 company-operated stores and kiosks as well as corporate offices across the United States and Puerto Rico.

RadioShack will use PeopleAnswers to prescreen, assess and hire : job candidates for all positions including sales associates, store and district managers and corporate positions. With RadioShack attracting approximately one million job candidates per year, the web-based tool has the scale to evaluate candidates as needed, 24/7, integrate with job boards : and track candidates´ progress through the application and hiring process. Managers will also use PeopleAnswers as a guide for interview content.

“RadioShack is focused on strengthening our brand and growing our business. People make the difference in executing our growth strategy,” said Mary Ann Doran, senior vice president, Human Resources, RadioShack.

“PeopleAnswers has impressive tools to help us continue delivering our customers a high-quality shopping experience.”

RadioShack has been using PeopleAnswers for approximately 18 months as a tool to help select and hire district managers nationwide, with meaningful improvements : . For the last year, the company has used PeopleAnswers to hire its store managers and sales associates.

Customized, behaviorally based Performance Profiles : help match job candidates with the position that best corresponds with their existing traits and tendencies. The software is easy to use and establishes a consistent hiring platform across all stores and corporate offices. PeopleAnswers reduces the hiring process to a few simple steps, allowing managers to focus more on managing stores rather than hiring.

“In the competitive and fast-paced retail world, employees can be the differentiator,” said Gabriel Goncalves, CEO and president, PeopleAnswers. “By matching people with jobs they´re best suited for, customers receive better service because employees are more satisfied and productive, and RadioShack is able to improve revenues and turnover.”

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